SGWolf & SGWolves Shut Down – What Alternatives Do You Have?

SGWolves also called SGWolf, and known thereafter as SG888 and perhaps several other names, have both been shut down by the local police after being found guilty of being a remote communication device, a website, both soliciting and promoting prostitution illegally. If you are busy, and want to skip to the conclusion without reading, then the answer is avoid all similar alternatives – we explain why in the following paragraphs. However, if you are actually looking for a genuine escort locally, and not a prostitute, then contact us here for a hot Singapore escort girl.

So what happened to SGWolves or SGWolf website?

The original news of them being busted and shut down was reported in Zaobao. Do note the contents of the original news article is in Mandarin, so we will translate the crucial parts into English here, as well as add a little bit of commentary.

For those who are unfamiliar, SGWolves, sometimes called SGWolf or, was a vice site promoting the sexual services of mainland China women in Singapore. It was mainly targeted at the locals and foreign Chinese here as almost their entire SG888 Wolf website is in Mandarin language only.

The following is a cached screenshot of SGWolves which has since been closed. The blurred parts in the image screenshot below is a censor we added in to the image. The censored parts include the various types of sexual services provided by the listed foreigner Chinese women on the site as well as their faces to protect their privacy.:

sgwolves net screenshot 2
Screenshot of the cached version of the SGWolves website.

SGWolves functioned as a listing and directory site for these foreign Chinese women to list their services, and solicit business online over the Internet as well as through their mobile communication devices like mobile phones to clients based locally here.

The local Singapore Police Force and the Ministry of Public Security of China had a 32 day long operation where they raided 83 different locations here. Among the people arrested in this sting operation, they were aged between 19 to 53. A total of 179 women were promptly caught. Further investigations have found that there are two main masterminds, both of which were actually based in China, both of whom were also arrested. Among the crimes they were found guilty of, some of them included soliciting for prostitution over the Net, using remote communication devices to carry out these activities, as well as facilitating the entire operations. In short, the whole gamut.

What are alternatives and should you even go for them?

As a result of SGWolves being gone, some people started looking for alternatives. If you want the short answer, there are already others like SGKFCC and TTvip which we also do not recommend due to them also being vice websites which violates the laws here. In fact, they even look highly similar visually to SGWolves. There are also newer similar sites such as 4ni52. However, most are in fact already in the process of being banned by the police and IMDA. The truth is, all the above mentioned vice websites are a ticking time bomb. If you insist on going, then do so at your own risk, and reputation if you happen to be at the crime scene at the point of a police sting operation. Just avoid all of them together. Perhaps, if you love China women, you could consider going to certain parts of China where it may actually be legal for you to meet them in such a manner! Of course, before that, make sure to check with your own lawyer.